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How do leaves transduce light into chemical energy?

Responses to Stimuli

How do plants respond to environmental cues?

  • Gravity sensing: How does a plant convert an acceleration force into cellular information?
  • Auxin Transport: How is the distribution of this hormone targeted to individual cells?
  • Gravity signaling: What is the chain of events that leads to gravitropic curvature?
  • Phototropism: How does a light gradient cause differential growth?
  • Photomorphogenesis: What is light-induced development, and how is it regulated?
  • Touch Sensing: How does a plant detect an object and grow around it?


How do plants grow?

  • Principles of Growth: How do plants create a complex body plan?
  • Meristems: How do these specialized regions of cell division make a plant?
  • Cell fate determination: Do cells inherit their identity, or is it the product of position?
  • Cell walls: What role do cell walls play in growth and development?
  • Cell expansion: What controls the timing and direction of cell expansion?
  • Water potential: How does water provide the driving force for cell growth?
  • Organ formation: How does a jumble of cells become organized for a specific function?